Saturday 18 August 2018

Tripping Ourselves up at the Park

Today I was with the second team, playing Kimberley Institute 4ths in a public park on the other side of Nottingham.

We weren't the only ones doing sport there - Slimming World had a gazebo up from which folk seemed to be dressing up in pink in doing some sort of sponsored with dog creatures. I suggested that our  vice captain, a bakery manager, should perhaps go and give them a few calorie heavy cakes as a reward for their efforts.

Sadly he didn't have any with him.

So, we bowled first on a very green wicket - we haven't seen many of those this year - and steadily worked through the opposition, with our young leg spinner being particularly effective and getting a lot of turn. I wasn't called upon to bowl today, as I had already suspected given our bowler heavy lineup, so I busied myself by fielding with great energy, if not much actual ability.

I din't mess up that much as I ran around the  place though.

We bowled them out for 161 to get maximum bowling points,which we need as we are in a relegation scrap in the 2s. We started quickly, continued quickly and batted at a great rate of knotts. Our skipper targeted the bowling green and tennis courts with great power.

Unfortunately we kept losing wickets. Too many wickets. And we got nowhere near.

I was just as guilty a party. I batted well for a few runs against the better bowlers, but against a loopy slow junior, I played a horrid smear and got bowled.

It infuriates me, because I think I could get the odd good score.


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  1. I always enjoy your humorous cricket reports!

  2. And here and always great photos.

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! Soon the season will be over, which makes me sad