Thursday 30 April 2015

The Whitethroat on the Cycle Path

Despite my aching back and a lot of umming an ahhing, I did manage a 10km run this afternoon on The Owl Road route, wearing my rucksack like a real pro rail runner despite the fact all I had in it were my 10x50s.

No skylarks did I see today, but the cemetery was in a beautifully wild state, with probably the highest variety of flowers it will have all year although I think many of the bluebells are of the Spanish persuasion. I wasn't expecting to see the wild garlic in a ditch though, evidently a flower that likes damp shady spots.

Best thing I saw today was on the cycle path on the way to the Owl Road at Hawton Works. A small bird was flying into the wind, singing like a mad thing before settling back into the top of the edge. I thought it might have been another lark, but when it perched I got a clear look at it, and saw the slate blue head and, er, white throat, of a whitethroat! First time I've ever seen one on the cycle path.

A very handsome little bird, much given to flying out of trees singing, before going back to the same perch. A member of the warbler family, like the blackcap and chiff chaff.


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Bluebells in the cemetery

Flowers point all ways, hence my belief these are Spanish non-natives


Wild Garlic

Forget me nots

Chaffinch bottom

It's a female

Getting very overgrown now

Wood sorrel

Butercups are now out!

Cherry blossom


  1. What a pretty churchyard. And well done on the white throat- I've been listening to them singing this morning and also managed to get a glimpse of one up on the Down earlier in the week :o)

  2. I see a few of them out at RSPB Langford, but never so close to town before. It's a very pretty bird, but it will let you get a good quick look at it before it flits up into the air again.

    They are good with the churchyard, they allow a margin to grow wild until the end of spring before cutting it back, the rest of the cemetery is like a lawn.

    Thank you as ever for reading!

  3. Your churchyard is a very pretty sight with all those lovely flowers. When I was home last year and visited the old church in my village, I found the same thing, except that this was in August. I would have loved to see it in the spring. I am impressed with your bike rides and what you see along the way. Thanks for your comment. I had to smile as like your mother I used to love watching This Ole House with Steve and Norm.

  4. It is a treat to see your wildflower pics! Everything is so fresh looking at this time of the year, unbeatable in my opinion! Love the chaffinch pics!

  5. Yes, this is as good as the cemetery will get, sadly. I love trying to combine a spot of nature with my running and cycling, I figured I was covering so muc ground I may as well record what I see.

  6. Lovely selection of flowers in the churchyard Simon. Well done on the Whitethroat. I haven't seen one yet this year although my son came back from Wales with a photo of one!

  7. Got a feeling whitethroat are having a good year from the reports I'm seeing. i've seen sand martins in Newark now. Next up - swifts!