Friday 1 May 2015

Photo Opps are a Great Excuse for Running Slowly

I ran the "Tour of the Two Lakes" today, one of my standard routes as regular readers will know, but with a sore back and stiff legs - I apologise if I've been saying a lot of that lately - it was an easy trot, trying not to listen to gloomy election stuff on my DAB radio.

On days like this, you seem to find any excuse to stop to take a photograph...horses, squirrels, bees...I even stopped the to engage some geese in conversation. I don't know how well I speak "honk", and frankly the waterfowl didn't seem impressed.

Earlier in the day, I'd noticed how a particular hedge in the library gardens was attracting a large number of honey bees, and a single carder, onto its small yellow-green flowers. The whole hedge was buzzing.

No sign of my cycling path kingfisher at the moment, sadly.


Library bee

I noticed that the pollen from these flowers was white rather than yellow

Also out in the library

Cemetery squirrel

Two wheels, four legs

Fleet of geese


Honking lessons


Fresh out in my driveway, the insects never bother with it


  1. For one who can#t walk all that far your photographicwalks are a delight.

  2. Thank you, it really thrills me if I can produce something that people can find useful in any way at all!

  3. Enjoyed your slow wander, Simon.

  4. No bees around here at the moment - too cold :( Love the Geese photo Simon and our lilac is just coming out too :)

  5. I nearly missed your Dunnock! Thanks for your comment on my post. Our dunnocks have been much in evidence.

  6. The white flower could be Cherry Laurel, great to see all the Geese and no Lilac out here.
    Amanda xx

  7. Thanks everyone, had no idea that pink-purple flower was as obvious as lilac. Back on my work shifts now, so won't be heading out quite so much!

  8. I have a white Lilac and normally when the seeds have set Woodpigeons come and munch on them. I have read that Finches are partial to them also. Keep your eyes peeled.

    interesting sightings once again from you Si.,

  9. Lovely four legs, two legs :)

    Agree with Amanda....cherry laurel the white flowers.
    Definitely a lilac in the last.

    Good to see those bees a buzzing............

  10. Thanks for all the IDs - honey bees and solitaries seem to be doing really well, bumbles not quite so good