Friday 15 May 2015

That Polish Touch

My new neighbours in the other upstairs flat are a Polish couple; he a builder and plasterer, she a I have no idea what.

One thing she does do, is garden like a maniac. Not just outside either, you can see in their windows that every inch of space inside the flat has a pot plant or hanging basket in it.

My Polish colleague at work told me that this a very Polish thing to do.

I'm hoping her efforts will bring in lots of bees and butterflies on warm days, but no sign so far, although her rather elaborate bird table arrangement has had a fair few customers. I'll even forgive the act of barbaric pruning she did on the holly tree to allow her plants a bit more light.

Now tell me who I'd rather live next door to? This lovely plant loving Polish couple, or a foreigner hating, UKIP voting, wife beater vest wearing stereotype who spends his days hard at work collecting fridges for scrap in his dangerously clapped out flatbed truck, before dumping the carcasses out in the country?

I'll give you a clue if you are finding it difficult.



  1. Lovely selection of pots, containers and flowers next door Simon. Love the Anemones in the last photo. Hope they bring in lots of butterflies and bees as the weather gets warmer!

  2. I'm hoping so too! Was a nice day today but I was playing cricket - we lost by 9 wickets. And that's an improvement on last week!