Thursday 7 May 2015

Polling Day in Newark, Election 2015

It hasn't been much of a campaign in Newark, to be honest. After all last year's excitement with the by-election, we've gone back to being a safe Tory seat, so much so that the incumbent Robert Jenrick has barely even bothered. Taking your voters for granted is dangerous, but I don't think it will make much difference here.

The Labour campaign has in contrast been well received. Michael Payne impressed at hustings, and has been very busy on the estates of the town. The Lib-Dems seem resigned to another loss of deposit, and UKIP have fielded a clown candidate who suggested to parents complaining of poor local schools that they should move to Lincoln.

The UKIP office has always been rather busy, with a grey haired tubby fellow permanently on leafleting duty, with occasional help with someone who looks like a parody of a gin sodden retired Naval lieutenant.

The Green candidate has one well, and some have mentioned there is a faint chance she will beat UKIP into fourth. I doubt it personally, but we will see.

What is interesting about this election is how few houses have posters up. In central Newark indeed, there are a few for the Greens and Labour, but none at all for the Tories or UKIP. The Tory support is out in the sticks, whereas UKIP do well in the estates with folk who think the eradication of the local Eastern European population will lead to permanent summer, with golden raindrops falling on every house twice a day and unicorns in the park.

As opposed to improving their literacy and numeracy so they can actually compete with Polish folk for even low end jobs.

No-one bothered canvassing me in my little flat. I said to a Tory council candidate that I know that I figured my part of town was a Tory heartland. He surprised me by telling me that there are only 27 registered Tory voters in the area.

Apparently my part of town is educated Green and Labour territory. Rather pleased about that, for some reason.


All images and text copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.05.15

Bike shed pretending to be a polling station

Disillusioned voter

Same polling station as for by election last year

One of the few postered houses...the "Farage Free Zone" I've pictured before

Victoria Street a Labour stronghold for some reason

UKIP getting youngster in pram used to the idea of working for no money delivering leaflets

Out in the sticks, Coddington polling station

Of course, the one Tory sign I found would have to be a bloody great landowner

UKIP house


  1. Were are all the people ? there is something quite unsettling about this set of photos, you can feel the emptiness in the images, the loan dog just stood there, great shots whether or not you was trying to portray the emptiness..
    Amanda xx

  2. Here there is an absolute plethora of posters. And we are one of the safest Tory seats in the country (William Hague's constituency) Now it is all over bar the shouting I sincerely hope they are all taken down double quick as they spoil the look of our lovely countryside and I honestly don't think they persuade anyone.

  3. The expected high turnout did not materialise, as evidenced in those shots. The result, from a wildlife point of view, is a disaster. We must all work as individuals to improve things as best we can.

  4. Turnout seemed high here Simon - polling office busiest I have ever seen it. I don't think I saw one poster in a house window and yet years ago they were everywhere. No canvassing at our door either (just loads of leaflets (waste of paper and trees!!)) . Such a shame the Tory guy didn't appear - had such a long speech prepared for him on badger cull, HS2, fox hunting..........!!