Thursday 21 May 2015

An Evening Cycle to Farndon Ferry

I've been cooped up at work. I haven't been able to run thanks to the mass of groin and abdominal strains cricket has blessed upon me. I feel tubby, chubby and generally lumpy. So even after my shift, I had to get out.

I cycled on a fine, if slightly cloudy evening, 12km via Hawton and Farndon, where swallows flew and fly grazers were this time nailing their horses to the sweet grass beside the A46 flyover between the two villages.

The ferry was busy with dog walkers, drinkers, and even water-skiiers on the distant silvery river. The power station did power things between the wind and water. All seemed pretty fair and good with the world.


The Crusader. Pleasure boat for aged and disabled

Tosh at anchor. Or is it Tash? Hmmmm.

Dutch barge across the river

A mixed bouquet

Comfrey beginning to open

Common carder bumble hides in the nettles

Mighty horse chestnut


  1. Lovely pictures again, Simon. There are loads of horse chestnuts blooming everywhere.
    That river cruise looks tempting, you know!

  2. We have the Sonning boat in Newark, which has been doing cruises between Newark and Farndon for years. I love waving at it if I see it when I'm out running. It's a pleasant stretch of river, truly.

  3. Nice to get out after work, still cold and windy here so no evening walks so far.
    Amanda xx