Friday, 29 May 2015

Bright Shines the Sun, Cold Blows the Wind

Apparently summer starts on Monday, which is odd in the sense that I'm not sure spring has properly started yet, warmthwise. We've had bright days, but there has always been this ever present nor'westerly - ooh check out the old sea dog, taking his sextant on his bicycle - that has given you more than the odd shiver or two.

Off shift now, thank heaven and feeling a shade chubby with not being able to run with these naughty thighs of mine. So I did jump on my bicycle and head out along a Sustrans 64 path that had been snowed on by hawthorn blossom blown off the trees by the powerful breeze.

Crows explored the rubbish dump, beating their wings to try and beat the wind, but going nowhere like an avian mime act. Goldfinches caught the lowering sun. If there were any grizzled skippers, an uncommon species in this part of the world but a few of them live along the 64, they were sleeping.

Quizzical cows watched me from the fields, and the oilseed rape is over in the Hawton fields.

The yellow spring is turning back to green.


All text and images Copyright Cream Crackered Nature 29.05.15

Nice new one off the cycle path. Love the grape coloured flowers

Hawthorn snow and Cotham bridge

I feel like I'm being watched

Cotham church

Hawton church under laser attack


  1. In Suffolk last week it was really Spring. Up here in N Yorkshire the may blossom is only just in bud, the ash trees are not in leaf - it is definitely nowhere Summer, In any case I refuse to agree with the weather men who put summer as starting on June 1st - it will always be June 21st for me so it has three weeks to warm up.

  2. Thanks for dropping by folks! Today was brightish while playing cricket, but a heck of a wind still. Felt good to be out there!

  3. Lovely photos and I agree with you about the temperature. it feels very much like spring in all other aspects, but it should be warmer than this!