Friday 8 May 2015

Two Days, Two Runs, from Dreams to Savage Reality

Yesterday I ran 10km or so. Today I ran 10km or so. Yet the difference between the two adventures could not be more marked, as in twenty-four hours I ran from coalition to majority.

I'm not going to go all political on you, oh god please no! But as a lover of the countryside I wonder all sorts of things. Will the horses I saw being ridden be soon used for live hunting of foxes. Will the hares I sometimes see out and about being end up being coursed? How much green space will be developed with offensively ugly, out of date badly constructed housing? Will more hen harriers go missing?

Yet the sun still rose this morning, and out on Hawton Works the singing lark was ascending again, along with grey partridge and a solitary snipe. And as I slogged along in the rain, all I was thinking about was "Well, what more can I contribute? What can I do?"

I think there's a lot that can be done, and at that stuff that needn't cost anything at all. My job is going to be to try and increase people's appreciation of the outside, and how accessible it can really be. Others will volunteer at foodbanks, or teach kids how to read, or maybe take art classes out in the open air. I sometimes imagine doing a bit of astronomy outreach.

I wonder who else is thinking of being more active in this regard.

In the meantime, enjoy a bit of colour!


No shrinking wallflower

Ceonothus are out. Tree bumblebees adore these

The great slab at Beacon Hill Park.

Crystalline close up

Conker spear!

Focus DIY Bluebells

Friary Road bluebells

Photo to illustrate how in non-native Spanish bluebells the flowers grow out from the stalk in all directions

Cow Parsley

Whatever this is, it's in my garden now


  1. Your enthusiasm and love of the outdoors and nature shine through your posts Simon so keep up the good work.

    Very despondent here (have just mentioned in a post I have written). I shall continue to write to my MP, sign petitions, go on badger marches (and more if they start slaughtering badgers in Warwickshire) and rant on Twitter (very useful place Twitter to tweet DC, DEFRA et al about your thoughts!!).

  2. I love those purple berries but have no idea what they are.

    Love the wallflowers too - they are at their best bedded out close together/

    As to the election - well it is over - we take what the results give us - it doesn't stop any of us makingour constribution to the countryside in whatever way we wish. I admire your stance.

  3. Thanks, I'm a big believer in small scale action to improve the wold around us! Unfortunately my home town is big on fox hunting, and no doubt the MP will be as well.

    Rather annoyed that blogger is messing up my photographs again.

  4. feel inspired! thank you!

  5. No problem, if you add an awful lot of small things together, they make a very large thing