Sunday 19 April 2015

Parental Garden Potterings

Finally managed to get the bee hotel I bought my folks for Christmas installed in the garden. Even my notoriously poor DIY abilities were up to hammering a single nail into the pergola and hanging the pretty looking bee box on it. I didn't even hit my thumb once.

I hope it isn't too late in the year to attract some bees.

My mother endlessly complains about it, but I think they have a wonderful garden for wildlife. There's usually birds to be found nesting, although sadly the blackbirds abandoned the nest in the pergola no doubt after cat harassment, and later in the year the ceonothus will bloom and invite hundreds of tree bumblebees to feast on its blue flowers.

Great tits nest in the outhouse while coal tits make their strange electronic shrieks from the willow tree, as goldcrests tweep amongst the birch twigs. Wildflowers, or despicable weeds to my mother, populate the flower beds.

It is a lovely space in which to pass a summer afternoon.



Forget me not

What a job I made of this

Is this wood sorrell peeking out

Tiny white flowers...too small for camera to focus on

Some sort of fly

Some kind of harlequin ladybird

Another hoverfly

Dates the house nicely

Fater willow guards over us all


  1. Nice to see that lovely bee house. They need all the help they can get these days. No bees, no flowers, no crops, a domino effect that's a bit scary. Enjoyed all these photos Simon, thanks :)

  2. It is not too late for the solitary bee box Simon.
    They are just starting to emerge so will be looking for somewhere to put their eggs, ready for next year.
    I started ten years ago with one box, I now have eight full of many species of bees.
    Late September I put my units in the shed, in a cool quiet corner. I then put them back in the garden end of March.

    Keep a watch if you have takers you will see them in the next few weeks.

    Good job done............

  3. I'm so pleased it isn't too late. Thank you for your lovely guidance and encouragement, I'm noticing more and more solitary bees everywhere I go, and indeed I've just watched a mining bee mining, of which more later.

  4. Love the bee house Simon. I have a similar one and we have leaf cutter bees using it over the last 2 summers. Fascinating to watch!

  5. Got excited thinking the bee hotel had visitors already, but comparing with that pic, I think not.