Friday 17 April 2015

The Endless Problem of Newark Fly Tipping

It was in between the bursts of beauty and nature that I had to deal with one of Newark's uglier problems; that of fly tipping.

Ever since I started running and cycling regularly out in the sticks here, it is a rare day that you don't find some builder's waste tipped here, some asbestos tipped there, fridge freezers in a ditch at Cotham Flash, opposite the lay-by where once I found an entire old caravan stuffed with rubbish. But recently the issue was brought to national attention, where a so called "recycling depot" in town was revealed to be an unlicensed scam tip.

Here's how the Mirror covered it

I ran past the site for the first time in a while today, and this was the sight that greeted me;

it is still there. I contacted the council, and they said he Environment Agency are dealing with it. But an illegal waste dump doesn't suddenly become less of a smelly eyesore just because they are in charge of it. I haven't heard of any charges being brought yet either.

So, onto the path along the farmer's fields at the back of Grange Road, and within about a hundred metres, I found three more small fly tips.

I've let the council know, and they will get it cleaned up, but that's another wodge of money being thrown on a bonfire, and as ever no-one will be even caught fly tipping, let alone prosecuted. It's easy enough to work out why it happens - folk with a fridge to get rid of, rather than pay for the council to pick it up, advertise it for local scrap collectors to pick up for free.

Some of those dispose of it properly. Others just hack out the metal, and dispose of the carcass. The rise of kids picking up stuff on carts doesn't help, I saw a pair of them trying to smash out the pump before the rest of the freezer was heaved over a hedge into a paddock.

Can they be caught? Seemingly not. I would be curious to see what would happen if the council rigged up some camera traps, the sort normally used to film badgers at night, at known dumping sites and see if anything was picked up. Less costly would be to plant a fridge to be picked up, and follow it to see what became of it.

Just an idea or two. That I will get told are totally impractical!


  1. These pictures are appalling. I know Newark well as I spent the first thirty years of my life in and around the Lincoln area. To think that idiots dump this kind of stuff and ruin the countryside for everyone. I thought we had a problem with lads throwing beer cans out of car windows on to our lane (I go round with a carrier bag and collect them once a week.) but this pales into total insignificance when I see your problem. Have you thought of sending the pictures to your local newspaper (is there one in the Newark area?) - perhaps this would shame the council into doing something more quickly.
    Newark is features in today's Times as a pleasant place to spend a week end (I would agree with that). Nice to meet you. I shall put you on my side bar.

    1. Many thanks! The council here do try and keep on top of the situation, but it is a bit of a King Canute job. As John points out below, people will use rogue scrap men and waste disposal agents rather than pay the council, and every day sees three or four more fridges and boilers advertised for collection. At least, let alone the stuff that gets stolen.

  2. An ever growing problem. I'm sure it's got worse since councils imposed charges for collecting and disposing of such items from households. You would think it would be cost effective to go back to free collection.

  3. I'd have thought there was a lot of money for councils to make if they took scrap processing in house. Personally I'd ban all private scrap traders, the sight of their badly maintained, badly driven flat bed trucks is a blight on the landscape.

  4. God, how disgusting! Some people have no respect for the countryside and the creatures who are then forced to live with their disgusting mess. Grrrrrr :o(

  5. We have the same problem in Kent. It is one issue that really angers me.
    Walking Nella last week a caravan had been put in a local beauty spot and rubbish left around it. Our council is pretty good at clearing swiftly but that is not the point, in my humble opinion.
    I have noticed that where CCTV is put in place they no longer use it as a dumping ground.........

  6. How dreadful Simon. I was wondering about setting up cameras but I would imagine this is like tryng to stop salmon swimming up stream.

  7. Since there has been a crackdown on scrap dealers not being able to pay cash for metal, the situation has changed...we get huge dumps like the one above. I bet we start getting rubber tyre dumps around here soon.

    Thanks for all of your comments.