Tuesday 21 April 2015

A Gentle Jog and a Gentle Cycle

Took it asy today thanks to cricket nets in the evening. Luckily running and cycling don't give me badly bruised thighs after getting smacked on the leg by a fast bowler, but I bet I was the only one in the nets who recognised the call of a chiff chaff, and noticed the swallows gambolling at deep extra cover.

Cricket on a beautiful evening is such a joy.

My morning run was a pleasant 7km jog, the tour of the two lakes. Thee most noteworthy sighting on the run were a patch of flowering dead nettles in Friary Road park that was proving to be magnet for hairy footed flower bees. Only thing was, these bees seemed to have an orange patch on their face in addition to the white "skull" markings. Hopefully his can be seen in my pictures.

In the afternoon I cycled out to Cotham Flash paddocks to search for yellow wagtails. Sadly, there were none, but there were a few very late fieldfares in the far distance, recogniseable from their slate grey heads and rumps.

I did a lot of thinking re; employability. Can blogs help on your CV? Am I deluding myself that the charities I apply for jobs with are going to see this and go "Wow! He's hired!" or will they send my resume to a toilet roll dispenser post-haste?

These are the big questions.


Site of future sporting non-glories, overlooked by new sports hub

Geese must swim on the right in the UK

Great crested grebe too swift for the camera

Balderton Lake

Vivid forsynthia


Another drone fly

Dandelions at Friary Road park


Orange face on this flower bee?


Otters learn about the civil war

Barn where swallows used to nest. Sadly, not for a few years


  1. Love that orange faced bee. Dandelions are not really out here yet but another day like yesterday (and it is) and they will be in full bloom. I love them.

  2. Same again at RSPB Langford Lowfields, with the addition of rich areas of cowslip

  3. Bit sad that last image....perhaps one day the swallows will return..............

  4. Hope so too. Luckily the house martins are nesting this year, in one of their last sites in town. I remember when every gable end had a martin nest, and I'm ot that old!