Tuesday 14 April 2015

Yellow Wagtails and Yellow Fields

I saw on twitter yesterday that yellow wagtails had been spotted in the Cotham Flash paddocks yesterday, and after not seeing a single one there last year I decided to cycle over and have a look.

I drew a blank in the first paddock - the horses had perhaps churned the ground up too much - but in the southernmost paddock, after endlessly and stupidly mistaking distant dandelions for birds in my 16x50s, I finally spotted one of these beautiful birds walking around the field, tail twitching perpetually.

The yellow males rival the yellowhammer for the yellowest yellow in the feathered kingdom, although it is a colder, more stellar shade. Stunning birds.

And with the oilseed rape now in flower, it seemed a very yellow world today.


No wagtails just neddies in his paddock. Or are they called bobbos?

This is the wagtail paddock

Fishing lake opposite the flashes

Is this wild pansy (Heartsease?) at Cotham Flash wetlands?

Dead nettles and speedwell

Oilseed rape blooming. 


  1. I have only ever seen one yellow wagtail and it was in the garden around 13 years ago. It was so exciting I cannot tell you. I doubt I will ever see one again I the wild.

    It does indeed look like Heartsease.....one of my favourite wildflowers.......

  2. Open pasture is where to find them, at this time of the year. Ditto wheatears which are sometimes seen in this location, but never by me!