Thursday 1 January 2015

The Green Shoots of Renewal

I was allowed a day off running today, but was still out walking early enough, a testament to the 'restraint' I showed on New Years Eve. Ahem.

All the snow was gone today, infinitely preferable to the melt on top of ice conditions that made heading out a baby giraffe on roller skates trial last night. I had two objectives in mind, and achieved the first straight away. Snowdrops pushing through the top in the cemetery, some time off flower yet, but still.

The living world is renewing itself, as many of us intend to. Perhaps this year, I will keep a bird list, for example. or do one of my long walks along, or maybe even up. Much to think about.

Down onto the cycle path, where the ice has cleared the lake, apart from a small floe tenanted by a quartet of seagulls. No winter ducks still, however.

Our new kingfisher gave me a lovely display though. Walking, rather than running, is less spooky to wildlife, and I was able to follow the birds neon blue rump all the way from Barnby Lane bridge to Clay Lane bridge. How long the bird stays here I would imagine depends on whether it can find a mate. But I'd love to have a kingfisher family right in the middle of my patch!

Enjoy the outside, everyone!

Snowdrop shoots poking through

Newark's coat of arms?

Ducks and Gulls

Spot the grebe

Rotting plums (?) attracting blackbirds on old X2 Connect site

The Hunt. 

The Men in Red
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