Thursday 8 January 2015

Pochard and the Fleet of Seagulls

Only 7.5km today, but a busy one much interrupted by photo calls and curious peerings. It was also later than I've been running lately, with a very different light.

It was essentially a jaunt round the two lakes, with the hope of getting to snap the two goosander drakes that were around yesterday. Sadly they weren't there, they had taken their bottle green heads elsewhere. But instead, 3 drake and 2 duck pochard had arrived, beautiful red heads apparent even at a distance.

The other main visitor today were the gulls. One minute they were floating on the lake like a raft, then, as the sunset, they look off in a long river or white, heading south for their roosts.

I wonder where they sleep, winter white heads tucked in under their grey wings...

Sunset sportsground

Gull raft


Gulls begin to head for  bed


Additional tenants

Scared by photgrapher

River of gulls

Like a lung against the sky
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