Wednesday 28 January 2015

Blogger Photography Woes

As you may or may not have noticed, I've had a lot of trouble in the last few months with how my photographs appear on the blog. Although they look great if you click on them, until you do that they appear rather blurred and fuzzy. 

This is posting using the "Bloggeroid" app; All my photographs are taken with my mobile phone, and are uploaded straight from the gallery into the app. The official Blogger app by the way, is utterly hopeless and refuses to upload photographs as anything other than a black square, and crashes when you try. 

I have just tried sharing a gallery photo via Blogger, and although it seemed to work on the phone, when I check on my little linux notebook, the whole post has failed. 

Yet when I try to  upload a photograph using Blogger on the web in the chrome browser on my mobile phone, I seem to have a full resolution image, see below;

However, there is no mobile website for Blogger, and using the full website is incredibly difficult to upload just the one picture, let alone the numbers I normally put up from my travels. From where I'm sitting, the photograph is oversized as well, despite the image size CSS script I fixed the blog with.

This is all incredibly frustrating to me. I don't have any great equipment, but feel I take some pretty darn decent images with my mobile phone, and once upon a time they displayed perfectly. For all sorts of reasons, most of them perfectly natural, I need this blog to appear fantastic, and it at the moment, it just doesn't.

I understand that there might be some kind of issue with Google chopping back on image quality to save bandwidth, and many people are complaining about the official app. I wish they would fix it, these blurry images are a real pain.

Especially if I've been lying down trying to photograph butterflies in the nettles!



  1. I use Picasa 3 to edit my pictures, then usually enhance them in Google+ photos before I stick them in blogspot. You could do this if you've a memory card in your camera to upload to your computer

  2. which I don't at the moment but will sort out, so thank you vey much, and thanks for dropping by.

  3. Seem to be getting better results uploading through picasa, means my blogger apps are now useless for photo posts direct from my phone now.