Saturday 17 January 2015

The Returning Owls of Kilton Raptor Rescue

The owls were back in town, parked up by Starbucks and attracting the crowds. They are wonderfully disdainful birds, giving the impression that they are far too intelligent to bother with the likes of you, peasant!

You can't their attention either. They look at you if they want to; you can't turn their heads with silly noises or a more straightforward "Oi owl, look over here why don't you!"

They really don't care.

The winner in the cute stakes is of course the little owl, hardly surprising as it isn't even the size of a blackbird and prefers to lurk coquettishly in its box. But my favourite is the fabulously wise looking eagle owl, with its great golden eyes.


Red tailed buzzard (i.e. not owl)

Great grey owl

Eagle owl

Little owl

Scopps Owl

Tawny Owl

Snowy owl
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