Friday 23 January 2015

Bows to Inevitable, Buys Bird Feeder

It seems so strange to me that in all my life, I have never owned a bird feeding device. Largely down to the fact that I've always lived with cats; putting one up always felt like ringing a dinner gong for our Fennel and Rosie, or the more expert savages next door.

Well, sadly, my folks no longer have a cat, and in my flat, the local cat population seems less active. So today, on the market, I spontaneously decided to buy such a bird feeding device. Or "feeder" as they seem to be called by the pros.

I ended up with an experimental halfcoconut stuffed with suet and oddments...not the most amazing choice but initially I just wanted to see where best to put it, and if indeed any birds would show up at all. far none have. But I'm told not to be despondent, it will take a little while for the birds to overcome their caution at the sight of an unfamiliar source of food. I left them to it, and headed off on a run. The birds would be happier without an impatient fidget lurking in the window.


The future is coconut

Snowdrop grave

Snowdrops in close up

Blurry pochard

Gulls massing on the ice
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  1. You are right - give the coconut time. The birds will find it soon enough. Second favourite food in our garden after sunflower hearts. Great Spotted Woodpeckers appear daily and fat-filled half coconut is the only item of bird food they touch. Good luck with it - hope the birds find it soon :)

  2. I hope so too, it was just an experiment to see what might be drawn to feeders, and whether I could get a good view of the feeders!