Friday 16 January 2015

A Newark Riverside Heritage Pictorial

Yes indeed, two hour long walks today, cold but fresh and somehow invigorating. There was much to see, and much to think about as I pondered an article for the Trader about how the flowers come and go through spring in Newark cemetery.

However, by the time it comes out, all the flowers may have gone, as they seem very early this year. Normally the crocuses are a few weeks behind the snow drops and the winter aconite, this year they are blooming with the snowdrops. The lesser celandine pictured below is also very early, and in my parent's garden a camelia is in full flower.

Mr kingfisher was in business again today down by Clay Lane bridge on the cycle path, the neon blue back standing out against the twilight conditions. I managed to get to about twenty metres, and enjoy the bird's deep red breast, before as ever it took off, low over the water in the somewhat rubbish filled rain.

Stil, if there are fish in it, it's god for a kingfisher...


Castle Wall

Alder at Moorings?

The cones...that looks like an Alder catkin as well

Lockkeeper's cottage

River industry

Mallards rest on a barge

Cilvert at Millgate island

The other side of the culvert

Devon Park oak wood

Tall oaks

REM cover River Devon

River Devon alder

Hazel catkins

Early lesser celandine

Evening Coot
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  1. I am jealous of your kingfisher sightings - I have seen a few, but not very often! I haven't seen snowdrops or crocuses fully out yet, though it won't be long.

  2. They were a rare event for me too, until one moved in on the town cycle path! What I find fascinating is that so few folk will know it is there