Saturday 17 January 2015

Dusk in the Owl Country

Not satisfied with captive owls, I set off at 4pm for the Owl Country at Hawton Works site. It was a clear evening, with none of the horrendous chilling rain I had suffered on my previous visit.

The sky was still blue when I started, but a deep indigo when I returned. Of owls there were none, but a flock of long tailed tits on the cycle path could not fail to lift the spirits, and a buzzard decided it didn't like the look of my hi-viz, leaving its perch for a languid flight across the fields.

There are owls out there, I know. One day, I will find them..


The ruined Hawton Works building

Dusk in the Owl Country

The start of the Owl Road

Hawton twilight
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  1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I do hope you get your owls - such lovely birds... hoping to find a Tawny on Sunday.. up in London :)

  2. I'll keep looking, there are long eared owls by the cycling track nearby. I'll keep looking...thanks for dropping in!

  3. It's a lovely area. You will probably come across your owls when you are least expecting them.