Thursday 15 January 2015

Pain and Suffering on the Owl Road

Well, the sun was out, and it was out later on. Sadly, for the middle of my run, it really really wasn't...

It all started well enough, a bright sunny day even if the wind was wild and chilly, and a few more snow drops were out in the cemetery. But in the distance, the clouds were massing and I could see grey curtains of rain billowing along the distant ground.

I resolved to up the pace, but, as ever, I just wasn't fast enough.

So far so good along the cycle path, noticing that the homeless man was camping again, but as I turned onto the Owl Road, those sheets of rain were on me. And in that wind, they hurt.

It really did hurt. I thought it must be hailing, but no, it was just common or garden heavy rain, made into cold steely needles by the cruel wind. My face was exposed, and was red with sting in a few seconds. My clothes were quickly soaked, and as far as looking for owls was concerned, I would not have seen one blowing a fluorescent trumpet  sitting on the path a metre away.

I was shivering, and really struggling. My feet squelched, again, I think it's safe to say my running shoes are dying. But thankfully, as I turned for home, the sun was out again as I ran through Hawton, and the day was cobalt again by the time I got to Rumbles for a life saving tea.

The photographs below are a medley from yesterday and today - I got in a walk later on to spot the kingfisher below Clay Lane bridge and enjoy a good view of a female bullfinch feeding on a birch tree. But I can only apologise for the quality, the Moto G really has a poor camera.

If you click on the photographs, you get a much better view.

Until later,


Snowdrops are up in the cemetery

But the crocuses are surprisingly early

Squirrel at work

Another cluster

Purple this time

Close up


Daffodils by night

Owl Country

Golden reeds at London Road Pond

Illuminated tree

Mrs Bullfinch

Plenty to eat here
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