Wednesday 31 December 2014

Last Snowy Adventure Run of the Year

A run along the owl road wasn't enough in the end, I had to go further, so after being teased by the distant winter thrushes again, instead of heading directly into Hawton on leaving the Cotham Flash area - gulls en masse to the South - I crossed the road and ran through wintery Poplar Wood, part of the Pykett's Plantation area.

My feet got wet, but I didn't see much. It was when I emerged from cover that a buzzard soared in front of a lowering sun over the River Devon, and big, evil looking gulls congregated in a field well away from the Hawton Road.

I did a lot of thinking, thinking of how to get the reader count on this blog up, get more interaction, and become a better birder. Now I know I'll never be much of a birdwatcher, but it would be good to improve my skill at identifying birds at a distance, and by call. I did thinking on my life too, how to get a better job, which I will freely admit this blog is part of.

More adventure runs are to be planned. I think I do well having a patch from Cotham at one point of the triangle, to Muskham and Langford at the others, that I visit on foot or by bike. I'm pleased to be able to spot interesting birds in town for people. My astronomy pieces are good outreach. But it still isn't enough.

A better camera is a must too. This Moto G is hopeless, can't even get good close up butterfly shots with it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this strange mutant mash up of astronomy, running, Tourette's and wildlife. Believe me, being out there helps keep me sane, and all your comments and criticisms are welcome.

Leading off the Hawton Road

The winter uniformity of Poplar Wood

Tough going

Tougher going

Sun and wood

River Devon

Snow field
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