Monday 22 December 2014

Library Lavender

It is still hanging on for dear life in straggling flower, the lavender of the library park. Tucked away in the flower beds underneath the looming hedge of the bowling green, now a bowling over-green and looking winterly unkempt.

Every day I've walked past since April, I squeezed the lilac flowers in my fingers, and inhaled deeply the sweet scent. This variety is the one with the silvery leaves, and a rather garden herb tang to the smell compared with more floral ones. It almost reminds me of rosemary, and creates a craving for lamb in my calorie hungry body.

I've watched it through the season, a paradise of bumblebees, honeybees and butterflies with large white and holly blue being particularly attracted to the flowers. Virtually every day in summer I struggled to photograph some buzzing or fluttering creature amongst the blooms.

Now it stands lonely in the park, no life but its own. But it still smells beautiful, and the months count down to when it will be a wildlife haven again.

The days have already started to lengthen...

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