Tuesday 30 December 2014

More Running in the Snow

I was out again today for 10km, feet crackling on the frosted, beautiful crystalline snow.

I did the tour of the two lakes, both part-frozen and well populated with gulls standing on the ice looking puzzled. The kingfisher was on patch again, underneath the Barnby Lane bridge.

When the kingfisher flies off, it looks more like an exotic moth than a bird, and its stubby form is really quite ungainly.

I think the kingfisher dives better than it climbs!

So, through Beacon Hill Park which was fairly quiet, then to Rumbles for tea. Perfectly nice to sit in the sun with a hot tea! You should try it.

London Road Lake was icy today

Ducks in a drain

Clay Lane

Snow crystals are bringing joy to many

Looking south towards Claypole

Starlings in the tree

Construction site pond is now an ice rink

Beacon Hill looking North

The snowy way ahead at Beacon Hill Reserve

Cold castle

The Lock

Relaxing at the Sconce
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