Monday 29 December 2014

Owl Country Snow Time Pictorial

Overeating at Christmas demands suicidal running. Snow on the ground set hard into an icy crust, no matter. I had to get out.

So through a frosted cemetery, across white cricket grounds, past frozen lakes, by the homeless tent dweller who has now constructed an additional shelter out of wood by the looks of things, I headed out to owl country and Cotham Flash.

The owl road was a grey slash through white, Cotham Flash white gulls circling against a low sun as Dunnocks drank from thawing puddles. I headed onto a bridal way before Hawton, past a field with a large flock of fieldfare. Fieldfare are surprisingly bulky birds in the air, their white breasts making them look almost like lapwing from a distance.

It was a rewarding, if slow 12km. You get a real sense of achievement, and a certificate in certifiability, when you run in bad conditions.

I love it. The world outside doesn't disappear just because it is cold.

Sun over the town of the dead

Elm Avenue cricket ground

Icy Lake

But no ice on this bit

Homeless man's camp

Owl Country

Post industrial landscape

Cotham Flash

Lumps of gypsum tell the story of the landscape's past as a mine


The bridleway

Large flock of fieldfare was on the left

Sun bright cannon
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