Saturday 6 December 2014

Frozen Newark Running, Night and Day

So, last night I made it out in the deep twilight, for a cooling run around the lakes complete with headlamp.

No doubt I looked an utter fool.

Across Elm Avenue sports ground

Reflections in a lake

Moonlight paints the water

Cyberman by night

Then after a failed Geminid meteor hunt till 3am somehow made it up for parkrun, in a hard frost and temperatures of about minus 3-4. The world was frosted white, sugar coating the frozen ground.

The white world

Pre park run shivers

My long shadow at the finish. The volunteers must have been frozen.

The finishing drag

There is something extra rewarding about running in the cold. As well as a flawed, mistaken and deeply tragic feeling that I am, despite all contrary evidence, a tough guy.
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