Saturday 27 December 2014

Newark in the Snow Pictorial

Finally the snow arrived in Newark. I had tracked its approach via friends on social media; Wales, Telford, Derbyshire, Nottingham, but given this area's notorious sugar factory and Trent valley fuddled micro climate, you were never quite sure.

The flakes began to fall at around five thirty or so, great, wet conglomerations of snowflakes almost two inches across that despite making the sea seem as dry as a desert, began to settle and cover the ground. As time went by it became heavier, more conventional, blizzardy snow whipped into your eyes by a strong wind. Cars were struggling even on the urban roads, and the grey muddy town was rendered suddenly fairy-castle beautiful.

Even worrying as I was about my cycling work commute, it was impossible not to let an inner child's sense of wonder loose, and explore the transformed townscape.

Early on

Mr Bear feeling at home


The view towards Oscars

Laden branches


Snow shrub


Town seemingly under laser attack
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