Thursday 22 September 2011

Told a lie

There are still some butterflies about! When I was running along Clay Lane yesterday there were a few whites around, and I also startled a couple of Red Admirals out from the soggy undergrowth. Got to be on their last legs though, the nights are starting to frost over a little bit.

The rich variety of berries about are attracting big flocks of song birds. Walking up the cycle path from the railway the Haws, Damsons, Sloes and Rose Hips were set upon by a large flock of long tailed tits, "zupping" across the path from West to East and rattling delicately about in the trees and shrubs.

There was a flock of greenfinches as well. Busy birds feeding up for the crueller months. A squirrel is finding the acorns from my youngish oak tree irressistible, and was today cutely scoffing one in the branches from between its front paws.

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