Friday 23 September 2011

A cold hello

Looks like I'm picking up some new readers again, so I thought that as I'm sat in a library looking for jobs, and a mixed assortment of green, greeny brown and brown trees are blowing in a stiff breeze outside, I'd take the time to greet you.

It seems that even with supposedly warm temperatures in the air, the brightest of days at the moment are still decidedly chilly. There are still a few reminders of the summer gone - windswept butterflies seemingly trying desperately to keep warm on the wing; moorhen chicks on the lake; brightly coloured dragonflies still on the wing. But the flowers have been replaced by berries and the lush foliage is pairing back to reveal brown stubbly farmers fields along the tracks and paths I run along.

I'm desperate to go out to Langford Lowfields RSPB reserve, but fear the strong winds and bustering rain as I thrash my creaking bicycle along the sustrans route 64. Running out to Willow Holt seems a major effort, headwinds making me run backwards as a stitch twists my side, skewered like a knitting needle.

But I promise, I will. There will always be new things to see, and write about.

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