Saturday 17 September 2011

A solitary splash of colour

Ran about 10k today, maybe 7 miles, out down Lowfields Lane past the Egg stall with the honesty box. Love those things, keep meaning to get some - £1 for a half dozen free range is really good these days. I don't have much money but I can't buy anything that says "Eggs for Caged Hens" it just sticks in my throat.

After I emerged onto the cycle path had a little sccot round IDP's little fishing lake looking for dragonfly, but no dice - the very children's book looking lilies and lilypads looked very nice. And as I ran along here, a solitary bright pink flower, kind of like a sweet pea, shone out at me. Nothing much else with this kind of colour is around, I was surprised to see it. There's a few greater bindweed out, but you know I don't count these trumpet shaped blooms.

They are too damned ubiquitous!

Further down the cycle path noticed a fair few finches, might even have been greenfinches which I have seen precious few of this year, and the squirrels are getting even more frantically active. All the Conker Trees here a blighted by that moth pest, and have all but shed all of their diseased leaves. The little oak on my garden, well its leaves are changing colour in a most attractive fashion, must photograph it.

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