Tuesday 13 September 2011

So yeah, I ran

I ran in a beautiful golden yet crisp early evening light, glowing over a London Road lake that was alive with waterfowl.

There was the largest group of Tufted Duck I've yet seen on there, loads of Coot, Moorhens plus chicks, out of eclipse Mallards, one of which's bottle green head registered quacked up surprise as an immature great crested grebe surfaced directly beneath it and nearly sank it. The Coots were really crying out, a sound I haven't really heard much of on London Road. Martins Pond you could hear them calling all the time.

Lots of berries out, Hawthorn, Elderberry, Rosse Hip, other really warming and dark looking crimson berries. The Holly berries on my tree are just starting to redden, but will barely survive ripeness for a day before the Woodpigeons descend like a biblical plague.

A biblical plague of Woodpigeons...there's an image!

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