Sunday 11 September 2011

Song of the Gulls

With apologies to King Crimson...

Spending a few days in Brighton of all places, and have been spending time walking the entire 4 mile length of the seafront. Wildlife not really a feature apart from enormous and rather evil looking Herring Gulls patronising the sea front cafes, and standing still in the air as they face up to a sea gale.

Inexperienced younger gulls harry their elders for food, and get short shrift amidst a fusilade of offensive "yarks". I'm disappointed not to have seen any waders or black backed gulls, although it is a busy beach and as gravel not wader. There was a lesser black backed gull in a flea market, but it was wearing a Brighton and Hove Albion scarf and was in a taxidermy case along with a Jay in a straw hat.

It's a lovely city, but too expensive for me to live in. There's always something interesting to see, the cafes and bars are great, Nick Cave's favourite coffee shop divine, and as I write this kite surfers replace Hobbies and Kestrels, screaming along the waves as the wind strengthens by the second.

I can see them from my window

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