Friday 16 September 2011

As the grey skies closed in

Tonights run was past the lake, where a family playing with a radio controlled boat didn't seem to be bothering the Coots, Grebes, and Tufted Ducks, and then through Beacon Hill Park where the only flowers now showing are the Wild Garlic and the ragwort slash groundsely stuff has turned into the cottony seeds that the strong winds must be spreading far and wide.

The sky was blue and pleasant above, but far in the distance gun metal grey clouds were dropping feathery looking curtains of rain to the south west. I had to get a shift on to avoid a soaking. And as it turned out I was right to.

Today's star sighting was by the bushes next to the river opposite the castle. As I thundered by, I startled out a Banded Demoiselle damselfly, which flapped agitatedly flapped around me before settling on the privet for not long enough for me to get a photo.

Still had a super view, of the deep metallic blue blody and the darkened wingtips. The blue is beautiful, much deeper than the Common Blue damsel, the colour of bottle of Babycham!

Ah Babycham, is it still around, delighting somewhat rough girls with its illusion of sophistication.

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