Tuesday 13 September 2011

Back in trainers

Right, the wind is howling, but the sun is out and I'm ready to get my creamcrackered trainers back on and hit the roads and tracks after my little holiday at home and in Brighton. Curious to see what's out there in Willow Holt, Langford Lowfields and Beacon Hill, as the season changes.

Langford Lowfields in particular should be interesting as migrants pass through and winter visitors begin to appear. Out on the tracks, I wonder when anything will apear to munch all the big fat berries that are out. Redwings and Fieldfares to look out for. Wonder if Waxwings will also appear, this is a bird I haven't been lucky enough to see yet.

Also, how long will summer sights still be seen. Dragons, Darters and Damsels? Any Martins or Swallows left. The Willow Holt Sedge Warblers? Interesting times

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