Thursday 15 September 2011

Still Dragons but no Butters

Did 7 plus miles, counted at least 4 little moorhen chicks, or are they coot chicks, down on london road lake.

It has been a nice day but by the time I had hit the road things had gone a little greyer. No swallows or martins to be seen. No butterflies to be seen, not even a white. Clay Lane is a mass of fields harvested and cropped down to brown stubble, the beautiful yellow and red field of early summer a memory. The colours are dark, berry hughes amongst the brown and greens.Shaggy Inkcap mushrooms out by the castle, a sure sign of the seasonal change.

Still with us though, are Dragonflies. I'd never seen any in Beacon Hill before, but there were a fair few (Common?) Hawkers flying around, there yellow striped thoraxes reminding me of the titular spaceship of "Lexx" for some reason. If only they were flown by Eva Habermann...

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