Tuesday 27 September 2011

Another bike trip to Willow Holt

As predicted I was a bit late out of bed this morning to contemplate a trip to Langford Lowfields so headed on this nice warm day to Notts Wildlife reserve at Willow Holt. Typically, with the weather taking us for a trip to an Indian Summer, I will be back at work soon and miss out on it.

I actually cycled gently right the way through the sight, through the cropped paddocks with the grazing cattle, through the field that two months ago was filled with Meadow Brown and Ringlet, and then to the river. Took pics of these late blooming pink flowers and of some rose hips. Beautifully peaceful, one very loud chiding call from a bird nearby but couldn't see it.

After a little sit down and a think, cycled towards the marina and was passed by a vivid greeny blue Southern Hawker again, flying in spiy zig zags into the Willow. Cycled back along the river.

Took in a flock of chaffinches speeding to keep ahead of me; a couple of Common Darters startled up from the path. A couple of proud as ever looking Goldfinches. Another Hawker taking in the beauty of the river. The maize ripening on the tall, alien looking plants, like the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Tioday's prize spot though, and a new one to me, was what I thought as the time was a Dipper opposite the Power Station weir that flew up from the river bank as I came past. That would be a very unusual spot for round here, although I can see that weir and the rapids beyond being an attraction for it.

Psyching myself up for afternoon run. Pics later, I hope.

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