Thursday 8 September 2011

I am debauching

I am around, but on holiday from running, as I've been ill and have a friend visiting who is pretty hot on high culture, architecture and retro arts and technology, but probably doesn't want to be dragged through muddy fields and up and down dale to look at not terribly exotic butterflies.

And frankly it has been quite easy to avoid running for a few days, and instead have nice teas in cafes with a river view and in the evening enjoy a few glasses of wine while dancing away to old goth tracks on youtube without having to worry about doing a ten mile trot the next day. I apologise to all lifeforms in the fields for my laziness, but I'll be back in my trainers soon.

In the meantime, as I worry about the number of readers I have, and whether this blog has anything worth reading in the first place, here's the Roman's guide to blogging

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