Monday 26 September 2011

And there was a Southern Hawker!!!

Right on cue, as I went running late afternoon, there was a big happy Hawker of the Southern variety again by London Road Lake. I'm sure a few years ago you used to see many more of these and other big Hawkers and Dragonflies down on the cycle path, but I've not seen many this year.

It was a pleasant run on a warmish evening, started off my me noticing some more Dandelion and Ragwort flowers in my garden, and down on the cycle path there are clumps of these orange flowers  about a centimetre across without any petals that look like sunset suns! I'm hoping that if I can get out of bed early enough I can get a trip into Langford Lowfields tomorrow.

Big if, I know. I'm an owl, not a lark.

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