Saturday 4 July 2020

Town is Livening Up Again

And I wish it wasn't...

This afternoon, it was busiest I've seen town since March. Busy yes, but controlled. Wetherspoons was open but under control and well managed, as was another bar near me. Everything felt normal, which worried me rather. Things should not feel normal.

Then this evening,, when I went for an 8km run this evening all social distancing was out the window and I got a load of abuse from the drunks at the bar nearest me, where about 30 folk clumped across the road were chumming about.

Men were stumbling about the market square.

I have so not missed these sorts of scenes. Nor have I missed the pub in the slightest.

Some of the pictures I've seen from across the country are far far worse. "Trust the Common Sense of The British People" we are told.

Trouble is most of them don't have any.



  1. Oh dear Si - hope your description of your town centre is not the norm everywhere - but suspect it might be so.

  2. I think we had one of the worst incidents in the country, to be fair

  3. You're right - it shouldn't feel normal and Great British Common Sense is a myth.

    Scotland is being much more cautious for which I'm very grateful