Monday, 6 July 2020

Ponies and Bumbles

A walk up to Beacon Hill Park today to see if the huge buddleia bushes had any nice peacock butterflies, and of course they all knew I was coming and there wasn't a butterfly to be seen.

However, the path up Beacon Hill from Clay Lane is like an alpine meadow at the moment, with bumbles everywhere. Lady's bedstraw is everywhere, as well as a yellow flower I can't identify, and the inevitable knapweed.

Some vivid blue migrant hawkers stalked me on the path under the trees, I tried to offer my hand for them to land on but they never did, they just buzzed me while flying about in angry acute angles.

There is a sort of ramshackle urban farm on Clay Lane, that used to have goats and highland cattle but is now a sort of horse livery. The ponies often manage to escape and go for a wander, I believe.

Ran 7.5km tonight, there was a beautiful sunset.


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