Friday 3 July 2020

Our Pagan Temple

Was just mooching around town in the wind with no particular destination in mind when I came across our town's Odinist Temple.

It dates back to pre-1556 in its chapel days, but was acquired and consecrated by the Odinists in 2014. Like the Freemason building, it's a place I'd be very curious to visit, although it is much smaller than that secret society's massive townhouse.

It is the only Odinist temple in the country.

It's a cute little building, once upon a time I thought it would be a lovely little place to live in, apart from the fact it is located next to a really rough pub.

You can find out more about it here


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  1. That is a new one on me. Thanks.

  2. Fascinating, though I would have thought the christian church in Saxon times was establishing itself by the 7th century. Another pagan cult added to the mix.

  3. Very attractive little building Si

  4. Great little building. Wonder what it is like inside.

  5. They have a collection of Pagan art and books apparently