Saturday 25 July 2020

Cricket in Between the Downpours

It never looked like it was going to be a great day for a game of cricket today, and indeed as I set off on my bicycle to our ground to play for the second team against Southwell, it started bucketing down.

Stupidly, I wore my white cap to keep the rain off, and as I cycled over Trent Bridge, it was blown off my head and promptly run over by several cars, as a small child delighted in telling me when I got stuck at the level crossing.

The match was due to start at 1230, and when I arrived everyone was huddled in their cars out of the rain. Me, lacking a car, had to make do with a tree which I stomped disconsolately around.

We did manage to get going at 115pm, and ended up deciding to play a 20:20 game as more bad weather was scheduled to turn up at about 5pm.

We batted first, and I posted myself on ball patrol at the fence that marks to end of the ground and the beginning of the nettly badlands and trees next to the bypass. And it was here that I watched our opening bat hit one of the biggest sixes I've seen in my life - an easy 100 yard carry that sailed far over my head and into a tree.

"Don't even bother looking for it" I shouted to the players. It was far from being the only ball we lost today, as our batters launched an unusually savage assault on the Southwell bowlers to score 159 for 3. The Sunday captain went completely mad at the end, taking 20 off the last over to chalk up a second consecutive league 50.

Of course, my batting wasn't required and after ball patrol, I just shouted and clapped as the ball flew to all parts. To be honest, without any batting practice I'm not sure I could even hit the thing.

So, to fielding and bowling, which is big concern for me with all the niggles I've got. Luckily our bowling attack is a lot stronger than last year and we restricted Southwell to a very slow start. Very technically correct young batsmen, but without the power of our lads.

Me, I was discovering that I'd forgotten how to field and was about as steady as a giraffe. Luckily I stopped the ball when required, although I got whacked on the hand and the ankle in the process. Bending down seemed to be very tricky as well.

We took a couple of wickets, and the new bats were Southwell's gun bats and started scoring runs much more quickly. This is when yours truly came onto bowl, and had a horror start when I got hit for 4 first ball. But third ball I got one guy when he had a huge ugly hack across the line and was caught, and then last ball of the over I yorked the other good bat middle stump.

A great result, but to be honest my bowling feels awful. I can't follow through properly, my pace is way down to the extent the keeper now stands up to me and everything hurts grrrrr.

Still, we won the game, helped a little bit by me, but I wish I was in better form.


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