Tuesday 28 July 2020

Returned to Work

I needed psyching up for it. I even had a run last night to prepare, 7km to get shot of some of the nervous adrenaline.

It didn't help. I barely slept, my circadian rhythms totally out of whack. But I was out the flat in plenty of time, ready to undergo temperature scanning, and have to find my new desk, and sort my computer out, and find my stuff after 4 months out of the office.

Then there was being an enclosed space with people for a prolonged length of time - all day - to contend with. And the constant hand washing, but there's not much point in washing hands when you then have to pull three sets of doors open after visiting the bathroom.

Massive OCD triggers. I had to carry around sheets of kitchen roll to hold the door handles with like the neurotic Finch character from the American Pie movies.

Then there's the sanitising, which will turn my hands to raw meat in a few days.

But you can't hide from the world forever, living like a bat.


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  1. Well done. If its any consolation we all feel nervous (shit scared) at going back to whatever.

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  2. Brave you, getting back to being around people is very scary, many of us have become hermits.

  3. I was alone in the office for a big chunk of today, so that was ok