Wednesday 22 July 2020

The Blue Meadow

I've had a more productive day today, thank the stars, getting my bike repaired this afternoon at the local bike shop, and then heading out on a long early evening walk out to Farndon and back.

The himalayan balsam is now in rampant flower along the river in the Willow Holt reserve. This invasive plant, that out competes native species thanks to its voracious seeding habits, provides attractive colour - it is the UK's largest annually flowering plant - but at a cost.

I think they look rather like triffids, personally, although without the blinding stinger and habit of feeding off corpses.

A good view of a fox running across a ploughed field was a bonus.

I went to Cottage Lane reserve in search of dragonflies, but found none. What I did find was a meadow that was absolutely blue with tufted vetch. I've never seen so much in flower in one place.

It made it very much worth the visit. And a two hour walk at times like this is very beneficial to mental health.


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