Thursday, 2 July 2020

An Early Gatekeeper

We are back to wet grey weather today, but that has not stopped me being active, entirely the opposite!

I hate mentioning the weather all the time, but that seems to be so intrinsic to everything you see in the natural world, it's hard not to. I hope that doesn't make me a lazy writer, but it is true. For example, it meant that our cricket ground has had a major outbreak of fungi growing  down the damp end of the ground. 

It meant that the flowering clover was glistening in a way that made me want ice cream.

It mean that the first gatekeeper butterfly of the year stayed still, and allowed me to get a photograph. They are normally such an active species they are hard to get a good shot of. This one looked like it had got up early, and then wished it hadn't bothered, huddling away in the long grass.

I then flushed a very noisy family of wrens from a bramble bush into the hawthorn. The young ones looked fully grown, but you could still see the gape. 

I've had another walk and run day, which was pleasing. This evening I ran out to see the alpacas, which like me are in dire need of a haircut. 


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