Sunday 26 July 2020

More Snap More Pop More Crackle

I wasn't supposed to be playing today, on a much nicer day than yesterday, but we had a very late drop out and the Chairman out the call out after the match has started.

Typically, selflessly, I answered the call. Even though I was only just awake at 2pm.

It was a 15 minute job to get ready then cycle down to the ground to find us batting at 63 for 2 with the aforementioned chairman out second ball. Thus I was just in time to witness a pretty awful collapse down to 79-9 against a good young Balderton side. To be fair, we had a very young and inexperienced side today.

This meant, at the dizzy heights of number 11, I had to bat for the first time all year.

I thought I'd have no chance, but managed to hit the 4 deliveries I faced no problem. But before I could get a run, my partner missed a straight one and that was that. If only he hadn't got out, I might have scored a century.

Onto fielding, and we started ok, taking an early wicket, but we weren't getting them quickly enough. I stodd at mid on, hoping I wouldn't have one smashed at me after getting a whack on the ankle yesterday.

I am still nervous about various bits of my body when bowling, but although sore, I was able to charge in a bit harder and bowl with a lot more purpose today. First ball I was edged between keeper and slip, something that would happen to me again.

It was exciting to be bowling with a bit more snap, and I must to admit when I castled their opener, who was batting in a sort of tweed floppy hat for some reason, I gave a bit of an overenthusiastic salute and was accused of giving the batsman "a send-off".

As if I would do that! I am a perfect sports and gentleman. Lol.

Anyway, despite feeling like I was bowling well, I'd drift one ball per over onto leg stump and get whacked. And that helped us lose, alas.

But it still feels good to be playing again.


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  1. Anyone opening the batting in a tweed floppy hat is clearly taking the piss out of the bowling and deserves a good send off. Good for you!

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  2. Sadly I'm too slow to bowl bouncers to knock his head off!