Saturday, 17 August 2019

Trying to Fill a Cricketless Day

Although the rain was heavy and seemingly endless yesterday, I was hopeful that a sunny breezy day like today would dry the ground out so I could get my game of cricket in.

Sadly no, the ground was wet and it looked like our leaky covers had done their worst again, so the game was called off, on what was another good day for actually playing the game.

This is what happened in our first game of the season and it was equally annoying then. Hopefully we will be ok for tomorrow's game.

So, how to fill the day?

Well I went out walking for three hours this afternoon, listening to the Ashes game, taking in the park, the river and the cricket ground, and checked in at the gaming cafe where some sort of massive civil war battle was in progress on about 40 tables joined together.

It could have been a worse day but it was still very disappointing.


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  1. But some really great photos.... Good luck for tomorrow.

  2. Sorry about the cricket but nice nature shots Si - and a nice shot of a very peaceful Trent.

  3. Thanks Pat! Was a nice day in the end!