Tuesday, 13 August 2019

A New Cycling Cafe

I was told yesterday that a new cycling cafe had opened very recently, called "Bike Chain" and today I went down for a look.

And a cup of tea of course, although £1.95 actually provided me a very generous pot of tea.

At the moment it doesn't feel very "bikey" - there's a couple of shiny frames hanging from the wall and various 50s pictures of Coppi types in their woollen jerseys and hidden vials full of amphetamine mixed with strychnine. It also doesn't have an ideal location from a cycling point of view; organised rides are more likely to start from Rumbles because of its location slightly out of town nearer quieter roads.

However it is doing a roaring trade from the retail park, I'm told, and soon there will be a bike shop, sports massage clinic and repair facility on the site. So I hope it goes well for them.

Not far away, behind the retail park, a little oasis of wildflowers was providing food for a high number of bees, bumbles, butterflies and a little mint moth - I think.

Further along the river, an angler on a cruiser hauled out a big bream from the castle reach while I watched.

I love living near the river.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.08.19


  1. Great photos. As always. The customers in the cafe all looked a bit senior for Lycra and bikes.

  2. that looks like a nice cafe and the moth is magnificent

  3. I too love living near the river. The River Cover is pretty small up here at 850(ish) feet, but when I look out in the morning I can tell how much rain has fallen overnight. Sometimes it is boiling over the stones., At night we can hear how much it has come up.
    Lovely pictures, I wish I was good at photography.

  4. The name for that cafe is great but not very bike-y inside. haha