Wednesday 5 December 2018

The Wagtail Roost

I noticed that last evening that the wagtails are indeed back in their roosting trees at work, and that the big lorry yard lights on a rainy night created an incredible light through the trees.

So tonight  on my way home, I cycled over to the trees to see what was around tonight.

The light through the trees did indeed look incredible - it made it look like a galaxy, or even a quasar, surrounded by orbiting star trails and emitting a relativistic jet.

Or for the less imaginative, a wet tree.

I went for a closer look and at first I could see no birds in the tree whatsoever and was rather disappointed. Then I walked further under the tree, and suddenly more that 30 pied wagtails were flushed in a panic.

I thought it odd that they were bothered by me but not the large number of lorries that go rumbling past lights ablaze.

I did manage to get a mobile shot that you can just about make out 3 or 4 birds in. The ones that weren't scared of me.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.12.18


  1. Only place I see them in numbers is Fraserburgh beach. I wonder where they roost from there.

  2. I saw this once in Cornwall. The birds were roosting in a tree by an old pub.

  3. Funny how birds don't associate vehicles with human beings. The wild geese in N Norfolk can easily be watched from a car, even if you lean out of the window. But step outside and they're gone.

  4. The Bell Pub in Nottingham had three trees festooned with lights outside. Hundreds of wagtails in those trees

  5. One of my favourite birds Si - keep trying to get a shot - I would love to see them.

  6. Lovely to see, our local wagtail roost doesn't seem to be used any more, though it's not local enough for me to check on it every evening