Saturday 8 December 2018

A Day of Soakings

Well, we have clearly angered the weather gods because last night we had howling gales and rain.

This morning we had a beautiful morning, which I  took advantage of by going to the park and having a cup of tea, and a quiet read of the news, and a walk around looking at the sun shining over the civil war fort, while listening to angry parents shouting at their kids playing football at the other end of the park.

Living through their kids, lol.

Then on the way into town, I got rained on, cycling with my shopping like something out of a Syd Barrett song. That wasn't too bad but when I cycled out to work to check on something briefly, I was rewarded with a drenching I haven't had the likes of for a long while.

Of course, on both occasions I was already in mid ride and didn't have a chance to get my waterproof trousers on. Worse still I was wearing jeans, which along with my not as waterproof as I thought jacket, both of which weighed 76 tons when I got back to my flat and got the water on for a bath and put on the Nordic slipper socks I wear only as a last resort.

Tomorrow a children's Christmas party for work colleagues's kids. Which I am dreading helping to organise.


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  1. Love the photos. I too would dread the Kids thing. Done too many.

  2. One web site I find useful for seeing what rain there may be to come is
    You can zoom in to your area of the country.
    It gives an animation of predicted rainfall progress for three hours ahead. Not always 100% correct but more often right than wrong.

  3. beautiful photos, sorry you got soaked and hope the party goes well