Tuesday 11 December 2018

Let there be More Light

So, no more entertaining children. and back to the remarkable sights that the sunsets this winter.

I'm always looking for photo opps, but at this time of year a photographer who likes going close upon wildflowers and insects, and dreams of one day being a good bird photographer despite the struggles with his camera.

Bird photography has never worked out for me. My bridge camera - not a very expensive one - is very sensitive to my shaky hands and the results have always been disappointing. I intend to practice in the garden this winter, with birds on feeders, and see how I do.

I'm also looking at how I can get walking and running again with these plantar-fascitised trotters of mine. Because I'm getting a bit fed up.


All text and images copyright 11.12.18


  1. You take great photos. I had a bridge camera and it didnt work for me. I now have Lumix with Leica lens. Point and shoot. I too have shaky hands but this works for me.

  2. Don't worry about your running. Once I had to stop for 12 months because of feet problems. That was 20 years ago. I simply took it easy and let nature take her course. Don't get stressed about it. Find other things in the meantime. I enjoyed painting, listening to music, and walking or more correctly ambling along like a lost man. Time passes. Nature heals. You'll be alright.

  3. I always enjoy your photos. Have you considered setting up a tripod near the feeders and putting the camera on that? I love Gwil's running and resting advice, there's a lot of sense in it. I have heard that plantar can respond well to physio too.

  4. I love your photography.
    Beautiful skies in the above images.

  5. Thanks for the praise and advice folks!